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Issue of BPL (White) ration cards:

Urban areas:

a) Families with an annual Income of below Rs. 75,000

Rural areas:

i) Families with an annual Income of below Rs. 60,000

ii) Land holding not exceeding

a) 1 ½ acre of wet land under major / medium source of irrigation; or

b) 2 ½ acre of wet land of other source of irrigation; or

c) 3 acres of dry land for commercial crops; or

d) 5 acres of dry land under other crops.

  • Government have ordered issue of fresh cards and exchange the existing cards adopting the innovative IRIS technology as this will facilitate elimination of bogus cards and issue of fresh cards initially in Municipalities/Municipal Corporations ( except Hyderabad where only Gaddiannaram has been taken up ) .

  • Designated Photography Locations (DPLs) have been established in all the Municipal areas.

  • Wide publicity given for information of the public.

  • Basic amenities like sitting accommodation, shelter,water etc, are being provided.

  • 250 to 300 families are covered every day by each DPL.

  • Declaration forms have been designed to capture all the relevant information about the family.

  • Declaration forms are issued to the new card aspirants and existing card holders.

  • Declarations obtained are entered in the Computer at DPL.

  • Declarations of the new applicants enquired by special teams.

  • Family photograph of the BPL family is taken at the DPL and it will be fed in the computer.

  • The old, disabled, hospitalised and infirm members are exempted from photography but they should file self declaration with supporting documentary evidence to that effect.

  • Regarding pink cardholders, it would suffice if the husband and wife file Declaration at the DPL for biometric and photograph.

  • The eyes are captured through Iris technology.

  • All the details, family photograph and eyes image captured is integrated in the computer.

  • Computer card generated and card issued to the declarant.

  • Process of issue of new cards and exchange of cards is going on in Municipalities.

  • Exchange of existing cards is going on.

                       Bar coded coupons:

            To ensure that there is no false distribution of essential commodities which are subsidised, Bar coded coupons are issued for drawl of rice and kerosene.
            • Bar code readers are being set up in the Fair Price Shops/Mandal Revenue Offices.

            • Ensure proper accounting of all coupons at Mandal Revenue Officers Office

            • Ensures generation of allotment order for the next month based on closing stock arrived at after scanning the coupons;

            • Easy to detect fake/wrong coupons through the system;

            • Enables prevention of diversion of essential commodities as offtake depends upon the actual quantity released on bar coded coupons.

            • Easy to exchange/issue of coupons to the migratory labour for use in the entire State.

            • After completion of the work in Municipalities/Municipal Corporations, the work will be taken up in rural areas and In Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.