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           Essential commodities like Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Iodised Salt and Kerosene are being distributed to the targeted cardholders as per the eligibility and rates fixed by the Government through the Fair Price Shops. In crisis essential commodities like pulses, onions, edible oils and vegetables (tomato and potato) are also being supplied through the fair price shops under Market Intervention.
         To ensure proper supply of essential commodities through the fair price shops to the targeted cardholders at the quantum and rates fixed by the Government. As a result, the consumers are relieved from the clutches of the traders’ rampant exploitation.
       The fair price shop dealers are required to lift the allotted essential commodities by paying the cost and make available adequate stocks at any given time. They shall distribute the essential commodities to the cardholders as per their eligibility and rates fixed. 
       To ensure smooth and effective functioning of fair price shops, the Government have issued APS PDS (Control) Order, 2001 vide G,O, Ms. No. 16 CA F & CS (CS I) Department dated 6-4-02.

APSTPDS (Control) Order, 2018
      Pursuant to the issuance of TPDS (Control) Order by the Government of India, Government of Andhra Pradesh have issued APSTPDS (Control) Order, 2018 vide G,O, Ms. No. 15 CA F & CS (CS I) Department dated 1-8-2018. The provisions of the Control Order facilitate the enforcement official to ensure that the Scheduled commodities are reached to the cardholders.
Vigilance Committees
To review the functioning of fair price shops, the Government have issued instructions to constitute Vigilance committees at various levels. The committees give their suggestions on functioning of TPDS through fair price shops during the meetings being conducted at regular intervals.

The Panchayat Raj Institutions do play a vital role in effective functioning of PDS at gross root level. As such, the Government, in recent past have issued order for reconstitution of food advisory committees with new pattern of members at District, Mandal and Village level food advisory Committees vide G.O. Ms. No. 16, CA F &CS (CS I) Department dated 27-10-2017 involving the Panchayat Raj Institutions,NGO etc.
Bifurcation of fair price shops:
Pursuant to the orders of the Government of India, Government of Andhra Pradesh have issued instructions to all the District Collectors to ensure that each and every village shall have a fair price shop. In tribal areas for every 1000 population there shall be a separate fair price shop and in non tribal areas for every 1650 population there shall be separate fair price shop. While bifurcating the fair price shops the Collectors shall keep in mind the economic viability.